Meditation Mentoring

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Meditation Mentoring is designed for those seeking the ability to learn how to meditate and get to know the deeper layers of their being in an environment that is more personal than a group gathering situation. It’s for those who need individual mentoring in order to start the journey of self-knowing .  

Meditation Mentoring will allow you tap into your maximum potential and help you 

  • understand your mind and brain through meditation 
  • learn how to use meditation to change our brain and become a fully fulfilled individual 
  • identify and discover your values and your natural personality
  • understand and transform your negative emotions especially during the crisis
  • identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and habits
  • form a clearer and more realistic vision of your future, one is that more aligned with your nature
  • formulate an action plan to stay committed to your meditative practice and spiritual growth

The Meditation Mentoring program is being offered live through Zoom or phone. Although it is a One-on-One program, groups of 2, 3, or even a maximum of 4 are welcome to join.

Sign up today for your free session. I look forward to this journey!


I met Mira several years ago when I first took my Meditation Facilitator training. Little did I know that Mira would become a major influence on my continuing journey to this day. I consider her not only a mentor but a true friend. Recently I had the opportunity to take additional training with Mira on-line and was amazed by how she manages to create a safe and welcoming space of connection in a virtual environment.
Brian P
Mira has the most calming voice I've ever heard. I was so resistant to meditation, as I hate sitting still, but it was a difficult time in my life and I was willing to try anything. Mira's explanations of everything and gentle guidance make it all so manageable. Meditation is now an important part of my life, and I still continue to take her classes. Mira creates such a welcoming community of seekers, and leads us all with openness, knowledge, intuition, and her inimitable style!
Colleen F
Mira is an absolutely wonderful meditation teacher and mentor. I had the honor of taking her Training Program over the past few months. She has such a calm, professional, and thoughtful teaching style, one that makes it easy for her students to learn and understand the content and program. She makes every student feel important and shows so much patience. I would highly recommend taking any of Mira's courses as she has great energy and warmth as a teacher. You will learn so much from her. Thank-you Mira.
Sasha B