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Meditation Mentoring

Self-transformation is a biological process that can be facilitated and accelerated through meditation. Just like any other scientific process, meditation is a scientific method. One has to apply the methodology of observation and experimentation in order to find the most unique technique for the natural healing to happen. Once one finds their unique technique that resonates with their inner core, life will be transformed, and a certain quality of awareness will be experienced. Meditation Mentoring allows you to find your natural navigation system, discover your natural way of being and tailor your life path around your true destiny.

Meditation Mentoring consists of One-to-One instruction in biology, psychology and spirituality of Meditation. Reoccurring sessions support you in the beginning or refining a meditation practice while learning how to integrate Meditation into daily life. Meditation brings clarity and allows you to connect to your body and nature. Meditation is a path for living with a more significant presence, less stress, and in harmony with all life around you.

How Meditation Mentoring Works:

  • A Free 50 min session to get to know each other
  • Weekly reoccurring sessions are 50 minutes by Zoom or phone (if needed)
  • I am available between sessions to address any questions
  • Sessions are paid for 1, 2 or 4 sessions.